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With an increasing number of unemployment we also witness a high number of people who die because of heart diseases and an increasing number of overweighted people. This is as of people having plenty of time to eat junk food, sleep and watch TV.


On our calendar annually, we also host awareness Campaigns in a form of Community Walks/Fun Runs. We use this platform to encourage people to engage to healthy lifestyle by ensuring that their groceries have more greens and less sugar, they also drink enough water and they excersize.


We need funds to buy a site and gym equipment which is part our main goals, estimated at R2 600 000 ($174 000) including a 5 year security plan. For each community Walk, we need prizes for our walkers (encouraging them), winners (spotting of a talent to direct those individuals to the right path),  hiring of stages and sound system, T-shirts and printing, administration (inviting stakeholders, paperwork), marketing (posters, loudhailing, interviews), estimated 2019 budget R256 000 ($17100) per annum.

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